Capital Raising

Frontier Alliance has defined transaction referral agreements in place with private equity funds, investment banks, debt funds and family offices. These investors are referred to as participating institutions. We introduce investment opportunities to these participating institutions across a variety of sectors including oil and gas, power, telecommunications, financial services, transport and logistics, industrials, real estate and FMCG.

Transaction sizes reviewed range from $20 million to $150 million. The presence of global financial institutions within the network provides the expertise to execute larger and complex multi-faceted mandates that exceed this size across an expansive range of jurisdictions.

​Our transaction networking tool, Swifstream, will be launched in January 2019. This will further enhance our distributive outlets and execution capabilities by providing a single communication channel for emerging and frontier market investors.

Liability Management

 The Alliance consists of a multi-currency debt management institution. This is a renowned institution within the debt currency trading sector that  provides a high-level of expertise for executing debt orientated currency trading transactions. They currently manage multi-currency debt facilities at various banks within Europe.

The investment committee of this institution include a former Chief International Economists at UBS, a former Chief Technical Strategist at HSBC securities and a former Chief Currency Strategiest at Merrill Lynch. This service also compliments the capital raising purview as debt investments can be skillfully managed through currency trading strategies utilised by this institution.

A At a time when debt is at record levels and asset values are falling, liabilities should be managed with the same degree of skill and diligence more commonly associated with asset management. The strategy employed by this institution aims to place debt into currencies that fall in value against a bench mark currency. A debt is switched from one currency to another through the execution of spot foreign exchange transactions with one or more major FX banks. Positions are then allocated to each of the underlying lending banks. This arrangement provides our partners with 24 hour market access and ensures both the speed and quality of order execution.

Transactional  Infrastructure

Boutique institutions and brokerage firms are amongst the participants within the Alliance that partake in sub-Saharan and emerging market corporate/government bond issues. This provides a broad distribution outlet to potential investors interested in local currency denominated issues.

Our distribution outlet covers the E.U, U.S and Far-east Asia. This expansive coverage is vital for the circulation of illiquid securities originated in challenging markets. Our depth of industry expertise allows us to play an instrumental role in bond issues by increasing their prospects of acceptance.


A transaction equipped with well prepared documentation is essential for fundraising. We assist clients to prepare documentation tailored to their fundraising requirements.  To this extent, we are able to leverage on our extensive expertise working alongside institutional funds to ensure that the documentation provides a detailed insight into the transaction, whilst reflecting the investment objective in a sophisticated and transparent manner.

We can assist with the preparation of information memorandums, prospectuses, offering circulars, pitch books and teasers.

Technical Partners

Frontier Alliance is able to source technical partners for projects across a range of 20 sectors including oil and gas, telecommunications, manufacturing and agriculture. These technical partners are able to provide industry specific expertise to the project in question as well as add institutional credibility to that project. In some instances, the technical partners are also willing to act as strategic investors, thereby complimenting the fundraising efforts of our clients.



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Frontier Alliance assists clients in negotiation of terms and preparation of legal documentation across a variety of sectors. We act for clients in non-regulated legal matters such as company and commercial issue.  For more details kindly email