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"A network constituted of transaction referral agreements established with private equity funds, debt funds, investment banks and advisory firms."

Frontier Alliance

Frontier Alliance is a network of financial institutions and funds that specialise in the provision of transactional services including project funding, multi-currency debt management, structuring of investment instruments, advisory and corporate financing. Through this network of institutions and funds, the Alliance acts as a gateway that provides access to investors, distribution outlets for fixed income instruments and a sophisticated level of expertise in the execution of specific transactions.

Financial institutions which participate within the Alliance, include sub-Saharan desks of global investment banks, private equity funds, hedge funds, advisory firms and boutique firms looking to diversify their portfolios as well as start-up funds sourcing for investment opportunities that can provide targeted returns. On the deal-flow side, we source for transactions originated through credible channels that typically offer a 3-5 year return on investment. Some funds are sector specific others are non-sector specific.

The platform was formed out of the necessity to bridge the gap between investors sourcing for attractive investment opportunities within frontier markets and transactions yielding attractive returns. In a bid to overcome regional obstacles prevalent in frontier economies, the Alliance was structured specifically to include strategic firms that could execute complex mandates in challenging environments, who also possessed a high-level of market expertise to provide the requisite clarity of direction and expediency at the transactional review stage.

The Alliance also consists of funds that have recently been created by institutions for the sole purpose of investing in African economies. Achieving a perfectly weighted portfolio is a delicate task in an economic climate characterised by acute market fluctuations. For established or newly created funds, the Alliance provides a network for managers to communicate and fulfill their portfolio diversification objectives whilst satisfying defined risk parameters.

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